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We have the largest variety of used whiskey and wine barrels for sale.  See our selection of rare whiskey barrel and bourbon barrel sizes. We bring in entire truckloads to give our clients the best prices and selection. We can deliver 53 gallon whiskey and 59 gallon wine oak barrels to your home or business. We also have fresh dumped whiskey barrels in 53g, 30g, 15g, and 5 gallon sizes. See new barrels in 8 sizes. 99% of used large barrels are watertight and can be used for rain barrels, ect.

Wine Barrels

 Did you know the cheapest wine barrel on Ebay is $260-$280 with shipping? They may sell to you for $99 or less but shipping is $200+. That's why we deliver with our own trucks to save people money on shipping barrels. We sell quantities of used barrels from St. Augustine to anywhere for $149 each. Delivery in Southeast and Northeast only $50 per load. Up to 50 barrels for $50, that's crazy! Call to discuss your order, dealer inquiries welcome. 904-466-5318

Whiskey Barrels 


Add the barrels you want to your cart via Paypal.  Then add one $50 delivery fee to get all your barrels delivered in Southeast or Northeast. Or you can pick up in St. Augustine, FL for free. You can add new small barrels 1 Liter to 30 Gallons, plus furniture to delivery. You can also pay by phone 904-466-5318  

Current Used Barrel Inventory (Free pick up in St Augustine, Or get all your barrels delivered for only $50)
53 Gallon Whiskey Barrel
$149 You Pick Up
1/2 Wine Barrel Planter
59 Gallon Wine Barrel
$149 You Pick Up
1/2 Barrel Cut Vertical
Delivery Fee(See Map)
1-50 Barrels Only $50
Shipping Price 
$100 Per Barrel
1/2 Whiskey Barrel Planter
Vertical Planter/Stand
You can order any amount of wholesale barrels. Call for other quantities.
We Need Dealers!- Get Some For Your Store
Dealers get their own territory - See Dealer Page
10+ 59G Wine Barrels and 53G Whiskey Barrels = Save $10 Each
20+ 59G Wine Barrels and 53G Whiskey Barrels = Save $20 Each
50-288 59G Wine Barrels and 53G Whiskey Barrels = Save $50 Each
(Free Pick Up or we deliver 1-50 barrels for only $50, entire load in SouthEast!)