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We are located in St Augustine, Florida. With barrel makers and cooperages selling new barrels at high retail prices, we strive to sell wholesale to everyone. From one barrel to 10,000, you will never pay retail again.  We supply barrel furniture makers, restaurants, wineries, micro breweries, and home brewers. Allow 90 days for custom or large orders.  We have the best variety of new barrels in the United States. You can call us 6 days a week Monday to Saturday from 10-6PM. We got into the oak barrel business by creating wine barrel furniture and supplying barrels to historic sites in St Augustine. We found very few sources of small new and used barrels in the United States and very expensive new barrels being made here. Today you will find our quality, prices and selection of oak barrels second to none.

Our barrel factory produces 50 oak barrels per day in different sizes.  We make 8 different sizes with American Oak. Allow 3 months for special orders, large quantities or sizes not in stock.

New American Oak - an affordable option for the home brewer aging wine, brandy , whiskey, rum and other spirits. These are a good thickness for small barrels that are not being dropped or abused. Barrels are Medium Toasted or Medium Charred.  Please specify which one you want. Hoops (bands) which hold barrel are black. Comes with bung, Spout and Stand.

Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Liters Plus Custom Sizes (1 Liter + .26 Gallons)

Sizes: .25, .50, .75, 1.25, 2.5, 5, 15, 30 Gallons

10 Liter (2.5 G)  $89
20 Liter (5G) $99
Shipping $30
Shipping $35

Dimensions 12"High X 10" Wide 

Dimensions 14"High X 12" Wide 

40 Liter (10G) $149
50 Liter (15G) $175
Shipping $40

Dimensions 20"High X 13" Wide 

Shipping $50

Dimensions 22"High X 15" Wide 

53 G Used Whiskey $125
10g Used Whiskey $149
15g Used Whiskey $149
100 Liter (30g) $199
Call 904-907-4664
Shipping $40
Shipping $50
Shipping $70

Dimensions 35"High X 25" Wide 

Dimensions 22"High X 15" Wide 

Dimensions 24"High X 16" Wide 

Dimensions 29"High X 18" Wide 


Attention: Do not take plastic wrap off your barrel until it it time to use, it will dry out and take longer to swell(season)! If your barrel gets dried out it should be filled with 5 liters of freshly boiled water, bunged, and flipped on both heads for 12 hours before use. The cooling water pulls a vacuum and draws the staves tight to seal barrel. You can also keep filled with water for 1-4 days and all leaks will seal themselves. Use barrel immediately after soaking! Order Oak barrel wax from Amazon to stop any persistant leaks. 
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