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Barrel Planters

We have wine and whiskey barrel planters in stock. They can be cut vertical or horizontal for herb gardens or wood planters. Traditional horizontal planters are cut in half very easily. They get sanded and varnished on the outside. We use a router to give the planters a nice smooth edge. The new vertical cut planters require 128 screws connecting every slat to every band. We make wood planters from wine, whiskey and rare small barrels. See our small barrels gallon sizes to create a one of a kind planter with unique look. Send a picture of a planter if you want a custom made planter that can be stained or painted.


Whiskey Barrel Planter
Raised Barrel Planter
Wine Barrel Planter
Vertical Cut Barrel Planter
Real Small Barrel Planters
1-15 gallons
5 Gallon      10 Gallon      15 Gallon
$65             $85               $99  
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