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Buy American Oak barrels in St. Augustine, Florida. Our barrel factory uses a blend of centuries old tradition, modern technology and precision to create a range of premium quality oak wine barrels. Blending centuries old traditions and modern precisely measured techniques have been intertwined to accomplish results which complement and affirm our passion for excellence. Many astute winemakers and distilleries around the World already place their trust and spirits in our fine barrels. We now bring them to The United States. Exotic Barrels strive to provide a barrel that meets or exceeds the quality expected in other cooperages without the excessive price tag.

We have made traditional oak barrels for many generations. These barrels are made for for aging spirits , such as wine , brandy , whiskey , rum , bourbon, homemade drinks and beer , kvass and transportation of liquids. There are many important factors when choosing a quality barrel. The production of oak barrels is very complicated process.  Before the barrels were completely made by hand. Nowadays with the advancement of technology , we are able to mechanize some of the production process by improving the quality of treatment. At the same time without changing the techniques of making a high quality barrel with: black metal hoops.


All barrels will come with holes.

Our barrels are an affordable home brewer and microbrewery option for aging wine, brandy , whiskey, rum and other spirits.

Sizes: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 30 Gallons)

What's the difference between a toasted barrel and a charred barrel?

During barrel production, the insides of barrels are typically toasted, either over an open flame or over an oven. Toasting both mellows the tannins in the wood, as well as changes the flavors the barrel might impart from raw wood to more spicy, vanilla notes. Toasting actually helps release vanillin from the cellulose in the wood. There are varying degrees of toasting, from a light toast to a heavy toast and, as you might imagine, that changes the way they can influence a wine. Essentially, the heavier the toast, the stronger the barrel’s flavors.


The word “charred” implies that something has gone past toasting to partially burning. Charred barrels look black inside, they are about an eighth of an inch charred. Charred barrels aren’t really used for wine, but they are a part of bourbon production. That charred wood ends up becoming a sort of activated carbon filter, which can help remove sulfur compounds from a whisky, and make a smoother drink. Charred barrels are used for beer and impart a darker color, smoky notes as well as caramel, honey and plenty of spicy accents.

Sizes and Shipping 

3 liter(.8 gallons) Barrel 9" Tall, 8" wide
packing box 12" Tall, 9" wide

5 liter(1.3 gallons) Barrel 10" Tall, 9" wide
packing box 13" Tall, 10" wide

10 liter(2.6 gallons) Barrel 12" Tall, 10" wide
packing box 14" Tall, 11" wide

15 liter(3.9 gallons) Barrel 13" Tall, 10" wide
packing box 16" Tall, 12" wide

20 liter(5.28 gallons) Barrel 16" Tall, 13" wide
packing box 17" Tall, 13" wide

30 liter(8 gallons) Barrel 17" Tall, 14" wide 
packing box 19" Tall, 17" wide

40 liter(10.6 gallons) Barrel 19" Tall, 15" wide
packing box 21" Tall, 17" wide

50 liter(13.2 gallons) Barrel 20" Tall, 17" wide
packing box 22" Tall, 18" wide

70 liter(18.5 gallons) Barrel 21" Tall, 18" wide 
packing box 23" Tall, 20" wide 

100 liter(26.4 gallons) Barrel 26" Tall, 19" wide 
packing box 28" Tall, 21" wide 



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