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Connecticut Barrel Dealers

North Jersey - New York City, Connecticut 
Twinbrook Nursery
706 Franklin Avenue Franklin Lakes, NJ
All sizes of wine and whiskey barrels.
Bridgeport - Dealer Wanted
New Haven - Dealer Wanted
Hartford - Dealer Wanted
Stamford - Dealer Wanted
Waterbury - Dealer Wanted
Norwalk - Dealer Wanted
Delivery Only

We Deliver To: Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, North Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk, Danbury, East Norwalk and New Britain.

Dealer Information
Become an exclusive 59 Gallon wine and 53 gallon whiskey barrel dealer by ordering a load of oak wood barrels. When you buy a load of 25 barrels you become the exclusive barrel dealer for the area.  You will be listed on our website as the dealer in that area. We will not sell barrels to any stores within 50 miles of your location. You should be selling your barrels to all the hardware, event rentals, restaurants, bars, liquor, home brewer supply, rustic and feed and seed stores in your area. 

New small barrels are here. Do you want to sell the best small oak barrels at the lowest price on the country. We have 1 Liter to 30 gallon barrels in stock. They come toasted or charred.  Perfect for whiskey, wine, beer, pickles, vinegar, vanilla, decor, furniture ice-cream-making, chocolate, maple syrup, coffee. honey, hot sauce, ciders, mustard, and more.  Only our dealers will be able to sell these rare small barrels to the public and breweries. These will be in limited quantities as demand is exceeding the supply of all oak barrel makers worldwide.


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